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Here at Nottingham Escorts VIP...

We have always realised that it’s a fine line between choosing an escort that will satisfy you beyond all doubt, and choosing a girl that is simply not up to it.

It’s also about choosing the correct provider, as many other agencies in this field do not value a client’s repeat custom.

At Nottingham Escorts VIP we try to make the whole experience as simple as possible, from choosing a girl from our small but elite band of escorts, through to their punctual arrival, and then through their outstanding service to you.

Below are a few of the questions that you might be asking yourself before making your commitment!

About Us Escorts

Frequently Asked Questions.

‘All Inclusive’ means that all costs for travel within ten miles of the girl’s present location, and all costs for each girl’s advertised services are included in the price.

If you are further away than ten miles, please contact us for further information.

No, they are not negotiable.

The prices stated are for a ONE HOUR MINIMUM rate, for an elite Nottingham escort, inclusive of local travel and services.

We have been informed to put the phone down on you at the first sign of any negotiations.

Indeed you can.

We are quite aware of other providers sending out awful examples of girls, and that you might have been scammed by these in the past.

There will be no such problems with Nottingham Escorts VIP, and booking extensions are readily accepted by either calling the office, or getting the girl to call us on your behalf.

Payment by cash is the easiest option, but Nottingham Escorts VIP also accept bank transfers and payment by credit/debit cards.

For payments in other currencies than Great British Pounds, we will need to add up to a 30% surcharge to cover exchange rates.

It's a Business doing Pleasure with you!